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Krissy Pozatek


Krissy Pozatek, LICSW, has fifteen years of experience in wilderness therapy and adolescent treatment. She was educated at Middlebury College, Smith College School for Social Work and NM Highlands University, and is a licensed clinical social worker. In her therapy practice, Parallel Process established in 2006, Krissy works with parents to grow alongside their child in treatment. Krissy grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. She lived in the West for 10 years working in adolescent programs, and now lives in Vermont with her husband and two daughters.

Krissy Pozatek is the author of The Parallel Process, Brave Parenting and Brave Teaching. Krissy offers Parent Coaching, Digital Courses, and a Group Parent Coaching Subscription. Krissy teaches the Parallel Process content that enables parents to promote their children’s emotional growth, maturation and resiliency, while diffusing power-struggles and fostering a healthier parent-child bond.